Community Association


Due to Covid 19 the Community Association is unable to put on the Annual Christmas dinner, however, they are doing a Food Bank drive for those less fortunate than us. 

Non-perishable foods and/or cash donations may be left at the Good Spirit Market until December 15th, 2020.  All donations will be greatly appreciated. 

Please don’t forget that the Christmas greeting board is now available.  It is your family’s way of greeting your neighbors and store visitors with a cheery greeting.  The donation is $10.00 that goes to maintain our local park.  The ladies at the store can assist you.

Thanks for your consideration and may you all have a genuinely




Just as globally our lives were turned around due to Covid 19, the activities at the Community of Good Spirit Acres were reduced to those that could be held with social distancing. The playground was temporarily closed but reopened with reminders to parents to use with caution. The camp kitchen was closed to general use, but open for small groups of up to 30 people.

The community association applied for and received a grant from the
Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund, The funds were used to purchase an
additional garbage can and lid from Yorkton Concrete as well as a new pickleball net, racquets and pickleballs. This equipment is for the use of anyone with a membership in the community association.

Thank you to Bill and Bev Kreway for their donation of a basketball net. We will be setting the net up in the park in spring.

Spilchen Meadows has had a lot of use this past year. The skating ice was well used last winter and the playground was very busy this summer. Looking forward, the committee is considering; putting in a man door and painting the interior of the camp shelter. We are also hoping to put in ice again for the 2020, 2021 winter season. We would welcome community residents willing to assist in these projects. We will also need an individual to set the cross country trails.

If you have questions, or are interested in volunteering please contact one of the committee members.
Lynn McDonald, Sherry Shumay, Gilda Walls, Kathleen Gesner, Barb Coleridge.