Coyote Trapping will begin for our Hamlet on Monday November 2nd 2020 until Wednesday March 31st 2021. A licensed trapper will be laying and responsible for the traps around the lagoon area.

Residents with pets are reminded to keep their pets under leash and away from the lagoon area during this period of time.

Hamlet of Good Spirit Acres

Board of Directors

 – Don Thompson, Chairman –

 – Deb Schmidt, Secretary –

 – Ron Farrell, Treasurer –

Please be aware of the following notices:

1. We have been advised that a crew sent by Sask Power will be in the
community to spray the bases of the power poles with a chemical to control
weeds. Suggest that these areas should be avoided particularly with small
children and pets. This spraying may occur in the next week.

2. The Hamlet is in the process of collecting consent forms if you wish to be
included on the updated email address list. Please check your mailbox as a
consent form has been delivered to each residential address. Thank you.

3. Coyote trapping – be advised that we will be allowing a certified trapper to trap coyotes in an area outside of the community. Please keep pets and
children away from the lagoon and surrounding area.

4. The Hamlet Board is having an Annual General meeting tomorrow
(Saturday, Oct. 3rd) at 2:30 pm at the Good Spirit Golf Resort hall. Social
distancing will be practiced with hand sanitizers and masks provided.
THANK YOU for your cooperation in these matters.

Notice from RM of Good Lake:

    • Good afternoon  – Dave Popowich has instructed  that effective noon today, the RM office will be closed to the public until further notice.
    • This is being done to ensure safety of staff and to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19  infection.
    • Nicole and Diane will still be at work regular business hours and the public will be notified via radio, signage and on our website that staff are available by phone and email to assist them.

Golf Cart Notice:

    • Those of us that live in Good Spirit Acres have the privilege of using our golf carts within the community. It is understood that this privilege comes with some responsibilities
    • Be advised that children under the age of sixteen are not allowed to drive a golf cart on their own. An adult with a current drivers license must accompany children on the cart.
    • Safe handling and driving are an absolute expectation. Young children may not have the experience necessary to meet these expectations.
    • Possible consequences: If these expectations are not met, as a community, we could lose the privilege.
    • Please make sure your family understands the expectations and the consequences.
    • Thanks for your cooperation.

Transfer Site:



    • All residents are reminded that before they start construction or purchase of a smaller building, the property owner is responsible to adhere to the setbacks and location on their property as referred in R.M. Good Lake Bylaws. These Bylaws can easily be found on .R.M. Good Lake website:  https://goodlakerm.com/


    • Water – Residences are served by individual wells and sand points
    • Sewer – Residences are required to have type one septic systems
    • Waste Removal – Hamlet residents dispose of household waste and recycling at a local transfer site. Large items and construction material can be disposed of at a nearby RM transfer site.
    • Fire Services – Provided by Canora Fire Department.